-What Are The Quality For Your Products?

1. Our electronic products are genuine original products, not counterfeit Android products.
2. The electronic products we have used are all original and have never been repaired. They are all new products with A-level, all products have been tested to ensure
All key functions are working well. All products have been verified according to our inspection standards.

-About Accessories

1. Used electronic products only sell equipment, excluding original packaging boxes and accessories.
2. If you need compatible accessories and boxes, add $5.
3. The accessories and box are new, but not original.

-Do You Have Warranty?

We don’t have warranty for the product,but all goods have been checked and teated making sure all key function are working well.
So,they are ready to use and sell.We offer 7 days to check the products for defect and testing after received.

-What Is The Battery Condition?

Generally, the battery performance of second-hand electronic products will be higher than 80% or more (depending on the model). For newer models,
Better battery performance.

-About Customs Clearance

We can provide commercial invoices and help you with customs clearance, but you need to clear customs according to specific requirements
Rules and your local custom policy.